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21 Resolutions for 2021

By Marylaine Louise Viernes

The ancient Babylonians were the first people to be documented making resolutions whenever the New Year comes. They even haled massive religious festivities known as “Akitu” which celebrates planting of new crops and also the crowning of a new king or reaffirming their loyalty to the incumbent. Such occasion was also when they’d make promises to repay debts or return any stolen or borrowed objects, and if they held true to their word then the gods would give them endless favors.


The ancient Romans through the leadership of Emperor Julius Caesar, known for being reform-minded emperor followed suit and went as far as establishing January 1 as the start of a New Year. It was named after the twofaced Roman god, Janus, who symbolically looks both back in the past and also forward to the present.


Spotlight Media Magazine rings in the New Year with growing readership across the globe! We’d like to honor such a great tradition along with 7 of the members of our community who happily share three of own resolutions… 7 personalities x 3 resolutions = 21 ways of being better this 2021!


Ron Falconi

1. Honorable Mayor Ron Falconi of Brunswick, Ohio


Truly a pride of the Asian-American community, Mayor Falconi is not only notable in his city and State of Ohio and is also available to support the various initiatives of Filipinos across the USA! A great achiever and leader, Mayor Falconi hopes to achieve his three simple yet vital resolutions for the year…


• Pay less attention to my phone and more on what truly matters.

• Eat more healthy food, live healthier!

• Win the re-election and continue serving my constituents


A message to everyone, especially to Spotlight Media Magazine readers around the globe: “We have all been through a tumultuous year, and so let us all rise and come together, dutifully helping each other move forward!”

2. Johnny Caffaro, Executive from Salt Lake City, Utah

The Regional Sales Director of the United Orthopedic Corporation is a well-rounded business leader with an impressive portfolio of achievements. But more than that, he is an admirable family man and not to mention, extremely fit and good-looking too! Given his hectic schedule, he’d like to adhere to his top three resolutions for the year:


• Breathe more: be more patient in everything that I do.

• Think more: Be less impulsive.

• Take time to wait for the things I aspire for, embracing that things, especially ones take time.


Johnny Caffaro


Mikiko Sato

3. Mikiko Sato from Boston, Massachusetts


An accomplished musical director, composer, pianist and singer from Japan who has performed all over the globe! Recently, she had also graduated from the Berklee College of Music further boosting her already impressive credentials! Some of her many accomplishments in USA, Japan and beyond may be found at As for this talented Japanese beauty, she aims to definitely achieve the following this year…


• Be myself and trust myself. You’d think I am already confident as a performer but not really, I need to work on that more.

• Have more appreciation for the present

• Keep smiling and be more grateful, seeing the beauty of each day!

4. Lou Yang from Detroit, Michigan


Top realtor, Fitness expert and US Marine Corps. One of the capital cities’ notable young realtors and businessmen, Lou clearly has a bright future! The Michigan-born hunk only recently returned from a business trip in Colombia and this year certainly heralds a lot of exciting business prospects for him! A proud member of the US Marine Corps, Lou is already highly disciplined, but he vows to achieve more, especially these three:


• Be better than I did the year before especially in business.

• Eat healthier, stay fit and strong, especially nowadays, where we realize health is our true wealth.

• Share my passion for fitness more with others, get more people exercising and eating healthy!


Lou Yang


Mary Muse Valenzuela - Quinto

5. Mary Muse Valenzuela - Quinto


Tech entrepreneur and owner of two online fashion houses, Marthena Mercier and Dress in Manila. International marketing consultant and corporate trainer-coach for image and self-development with a wide portfolio of clients around the globe. She also manages her own blog at “Things were going very well for my fashion brands, especially as I wasn’t just catering to buyers and resellers in the USA and the Philippines, I was shipping all around Asia, Australia and even the Middle East! I also got more clients for my coaching and training consultancy until the pandemic struck. But I refuse to be disheartened and so I made my services accessible online. I now connect with clients and continue my seminars and training in different parts of the world thanks to technology! I will stay true to these three resolutions that I made in the start of the year:


• Remove distraction and clutter in my life. Things are already as hard as it is, so I aim to make things easier for me and my clients by being more focused in all that I do.

• Read, read, read! I cannot stress how important this is. You are never too old to learn something new.

• Be less stressed by not dwelling on the negative. Embrace the fact that things get canceled and often don’t go your way, so don’t stay stuck in there anymore. I move on and rebound fast!

6 & 7. Medical Doctors and Married Couple, Dr. Mike Leonardo and Dr. Dianne-Go Leonardo


This power couple are not only well-respected in the medical field, where they are currently based at, Las Vegas Nevada, but even to various parts of the globe thanks to their leadership role in Hope Medical Missions that has allowed them to serve families who are in need of medical care around America, most especially in Honduras! They also lead In Jesus Name Medical Ministry Las Vegas where they conduct free medical clinics around the State. Here are each of their resolutions for the year:

Dr. Mike Leonardo:

  • Go against “Infodemic,” coined by the WHO, which means the overabundance and rapid spread of misleading and fabricated news or images. We don’t need to spread gloom and doom, just the right information on how we can protect ourselves, our families and communities.

  • Be more creative in sharing the Good News, such as taking advantage of Technology in doing so.

  • I live a hectic life, but I vow to be more understanding and sensitive to the needs of those around me, especially my wife and my parents.

Dr. Dianne Go-Leonardo :

  • My work can be so demanding and stressful, so I am determined to spend more time in self-care too, because I won’t be able to care for my patients if I am not in my best health.

  • Make more time for bonding with my husband and our furry baby boy, Coco, by spending less time on social media.

  • Exercise! This is among the best ways to prevail during the time of pandemic and I don’t mean just physically, but also mentally. Exercise leads to endorphins to help you feel good, naturally!

6-7  Doc Michael and Dianne Leonardo .JP

Dr. Mike Leonardo &

Dr. Dianne Go-Leonardo

May these outstanding Asian American personalities and proud members of the growing Spotlight Media Magazine community inspire you today in committing to your own New Year’s resolutions, because you deserve the best life possible this year!

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