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"Over the years, I have been living a life of a loveless marriage and ungrateful children." - Desperate Susan


Dear Ms. M,

I am 60 years working mother of 3 children who are all grown up and working like me. Two are married happily, and one teenager lives with us. I live a life of quiet desperation. Over the years, I have been living a life of a loveless marriage and ungrateful children. My life has been a discontented routine of waking up, preparing food, working, going home. I have accepted my lot in life, but is there more to this?
Ms. M., I need a listening ear. What should I do?



Dear Desperate Susan,

You have taken the 'leave it alone and don't think about it" option . This option is like you rejected the optimistic route and succumb to depression or, as you say, "quiet life of desperation". I suggest that you face these sad facts head-on, admit to and own them, and then try to decide if there's anything you either want to or can do about it.

Take an active step. Do not lose hope. Look into improving your relationships with your husband and set your kids to know how you feel. Open communication is the best thing in situations where you think life has taken over your happiness. You will realize that after this moment of truth, action to improve your life begins with you.

Love and Light,
Ms. M

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