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"She is a classic evil stepmother; she's not even as beautiful as our mom! " - Kids


Dear Ms. M,

Hello, my name is Victoria; and I am 15, and my younger brother, Noah, is 13. We like looking at your magazine. We were born and raised in California, and our life was perfect until our parents divorced three years ago.

Sadly, my mom has a new husband, but we like our Dad better. About six months ago, when we moved to the other end of America, he took us far away from our friends and family. We were fine at first because it enabled our Dad to provide better for us as it was a tremendous employment-related move, but then he shortly got married to a strange woman, who did not even take time to know us!

We feel that our Dad is mostly tight on cash because he spends on this woman's salon, shopping, and other crazy expenses! She doesn't even come and talk to us, does not cook for us, does nothing at all! She is a classic evil stepmother; she's not even as beautiful as our mom! We want to rebel or run away sometimes! I wish this woman goes out and so we can have our once-great Dad for ourselves again.
What should we do so that we won't be so angry and resentful all the time?
Kids who hope our Dad leaves our Stepmom


Dear Victoria ,

Your problem is the cliche wicked stepmother in many fictional stories, but yours is real. So this is very challenging, but you got to address this issue and tackle the bull by its horns since you are very mature for your age.

First, you need to understand your stepmother better so you can deal with the situation more effectively.
Then, you have to harness that courage to be frank, and honest with her.
Give a good thought and analyze your attitude towards your stepmother. Understand why she is giving you rude behavior. Confront your stepmother about her behavior. If it doesn't help, ignore her behavior, lead your life, and don't let it get into you.

Love and Light,

Ms. M

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