Mint to be

“Virgin Mint Mojito,” a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage

My Cherry Amour

This non-alcoholic drink will get you singing Stevie Wonder’s hit song, “My Cherie Amour,” and get you dancing the Twist at the same time, thanks to the fizz! Ms. M’s signature “My Cherry Amour,” is a non-alcoholic fizzy drink that even the young ones can enjoy; it’s your favorite cherry drink with a twist… or a fizz!

Cupids Concoction

You won’t be able to resist Ms. M’s delightful Valentine cocktail, the “Cupid’s Concoction

Love and light in every bite - Ms M Aged to Perfection Fruitcake

Ms. M opens her kitchen and her heart this season by sharing her delightful fruitcake recipe, her special twist on this timeless Yuletide favorite!

Patagonia Empanada

Argentinian Flavor with a Filipino Twist

Ill be HAM for Christmas

A delightful pork dish recipe that became a normal Christmas staple.

Putting the PAN in Pandemic

Our Editor-in-Chief, Pen De Leon Manahan, a superb baker herself loves posting about the breads she would bake whenever she has spare time, touting it her “Pan Favorites,” or simply, “Pen Favorites…”