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My Cherry Amour

This non-alcoholic drink will get you singing Stevie Wonder’s hit song, “My Cherie Amour,” and get you dancing the Twist at the same time, thanks to the fizz! Ms. M’s signature “My Cherry Amour,” is a non-alcoholic fizzy drink that even the young ones can enjoy; it’s your favorite cherry drink with a twist… or a fizz!

My Cherry Amour

Start by preparing the following (yields 4 servings):

• 4 cups of flavored seltzer. You can choose whatever your favorite flavor is, but Ms. M recommends black cherry flavored fizz!
• 8 tsp juice from the bottled, preserved cherries
• 4 cups of juice. You may use grape or apple juice, but Ms. M recommends cranberry juice
• And of course, Maraschino cherries! You can pile as much as you’d like, but we’d recommend 2-3 pieces just to garnish or place atop the straw or the glass rim. You can also use additional pieces of cherry as sinkers, depending on your preference. Don’t go overboard, though, for sinkers, we only recommend no more than 5 pieces so as to not take away from the fact that this is meant to be sipped.

Now you can make this fun, frothy, family-friendly drink!

• Start with the 8 tsp juice from the bottled cherries, let it settle at the bottom of the punch bowl of the four separate glasses. Then mix in the splash of juice. Stir well.
• Add the ice cubes and then top it all off with the seltzer and see it fizz!
• Put in the cherry sinkers or garnish the sides and the mocktail straw or do it all!
• Make sure to serve within minutes, to ensure that the fizz from the seltzer remains strong, as this is what gives the drink that extra twist!

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