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Chapter One : ALEX PINEDA: Studied Simplicity and Casual Elegance Interior Designs
Chapter Two : DAVID TUPAZ: Oriental Elegance and American Classicist Interior Decoration


Chapter One : ALEX PINEDA: Studied Simplicity and Casual Elegance Interior Designs

There is something that is quietly spectacular and stunning with a simple designed space .When less is more , when a space is defined with no clutter, the design is more appealing. There is like a harmonious rhythm of graceful energies , in a well defined space where elements go together . There is a flow , a balletic simplicity of human living ,colors, tone and the environment.

Alex Pineda is a designer who believes that the essentials of interior design is harmony and coordination.

In his very own words, he articulates it succinctly :

"When I design a home, it's like writing a song. It starts with a melody - classical, modern, jazzy, romantic, contemporary. I bring into the space a harmonious color, tonal balance, grounded structure and well sourced materials.

The result is a place that sings effortless comfort, evident tastefulness and details that build studied simplicity with a sterling finish."

Reknowned interior designer in very elite and exclusive California circles, Alex Pineda is a native from the Philippines. He studied in Manila's Ivy League school Ateneo de Manila and started to work after graduating as a couture fashion designer. He also dabbled into hair designs and opened a salon with college friends.

He migrated in the US in his 20s , dabbled into more work for fashion design and hair plus engaged in jewelry business.

But his main focus is interior design and his other creative pursuits were his "minors" as he described them.

His influence in interior design is the famous Lloyd Wright, Hollywood's famous architect, educator and designer whose work for landscape and commercial structures emphasized on humanity and environment . He is known in the discipline of "organic architecture".

Pineda continues to elaborate on interior design as designing spaces from ground up. He adds that the most important part of designing spaces is the floor because this is the base. Then you proceed to the walls, colors of the walls , furniture placements and fabrics. The artistic challenge of putting them together and "cultivate them into an inventive reality with unique environments that are both visually stunning and functional" is the work.

He further adds that after interior design work is finished interior decoration takes place.

Then you start to decorate by adding curtains, artwork and accessories that all go together with the interior design.

Pineda states" I describe my designs as studied simplicity and casual elegance."

His hallmark work is the residence of Carlito Jocson, owners of the Yardhouse enterprise.Pineda mused" I was given carte blanche authority to design the house from ground up. I worked with their architect and the result was very satisying. In fact, I got more referral business from their neighbors after I finished my work".

The pandemic period was also a surprisingly busy time for him. "I think since people were locked down in their houses, they were able to see the things that were missing and needed work" , he explained.

When asked about Feng Shui, he said he believes in flowing energies like one should not block the flow of movement in the entrances and exits . He ascribed to these principles but disagrees on changing the colors of the house walls or décor just because it is not line with fengshui practice. Ultimately the aesthetic coordination of tones ,themes and color rule not beliefs.

"Usually I disagree with feng shui practitioners on choices of colors and themes because sometimes it is not harmoniously aesthetic with my designs."

Alex Pineda would like to continue designing for as long as he is asked by his very select clients.With most of the Southern California landscape at his fingertips and with his loyal followers including some of the area's most prominent entrepreneurs, business owners, film elite and socialites, this designing feat will definitely go on and on.

Chapter Two : DAVID TUPAZ: Oriental Elegance and American Classicist Interior Decoration

From Interior design, we go to Interior Decoration. From LA we go to Las Vegas, residence city of Hollywood Fashion Designer /Interior Decorator David Tupaz.
Home is where the heart is.For David Tupaz, the home should not appear like a showroom . He defines a home to be comfortable and warm . He states" even when you have art and collection of antiques, you stay in your house 85 % of the time so the decor as much as it should be aesthetic , should also respond to modern needs of mobility and comfort."

David Tupaz is the only established fashion designer in the entertainment capital in the world that is Las Vegas. He is very active in the socio civic advocacies of designers and lead council groups and mentorship programs for designers. He is so celebrated in the city that the city government proclaimed a David Tupaz day on Dec. 13 annually. His studies in interior design was dominated by his passion for couture designing. However, his friends and clients continue to knock at his door to decorate their private homes.

David narrates " My influences in this field are the famous interior designers known for their eclectic tastes and opulent elegance with the likes of Juan Pablo Molyneux and Jacques Garcia .One of my favorite decorators for interiors is Parish Hadley." He further adds that he is more inclined to having a sense of history in his work. He explains" I like the idea that your house has been there for 200 years ,like that of the TV show 'Downtown Abbey'. I like the classic tradition blending with the golden era of Belle Epoque.Its gilded age of the arts and liberation of commerce in Paris."

The result of his work with some Oriental Asiatica vibe and classic themes rooted in American tradition combine into an exquisite craft of interior decorating.

He considers the private home of Elaine Newton ( aka Mrs. Wayne Newton ) and Dr. Jeffrey Cummings house in Henderson , Nevada of the Cleveland Clinic fame as some of his best works.
"I made Elaine Newton's house look like a New York Mansion in the desert as she has homes in NY and LA. Dr Cummings , in the meantime was more like a blue and white creative ensemble."

When asked about the pandemic period's effects in the field, he was quick to say: "As companies are closing down from marble to tiles and other home resources, the flow of supply became scarce. It is a chain reaction. So designers and decorators have to look for other resources."

On the pandemic situation, he also ponders" I switched my focus nowadays to interior decorating .Also fashion is very seasonal. Interior decorating is more like year round. I think also my career is really beautification-- whether its individual fashion or the individual's house".

As David Tupaz continues to do his beautification and artistic pursuits, he still persists that home is where the heart is. But the comforts and warmth of the house should be done with distinctive timeless style.

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