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Blooming from Within

Indoor Plant Care and Maintenance 101

Blooming from Within

Proverbs 16:9 speaks of a lovely truth that, “we can make our own plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

Certainly, if the past year has taught us anything, then it is certainly this; that we can make our own plans but ultimately, a higher, wiser will prevails.

The same can be said not just about plans, but also about plants. In fact, many individuals all over the world have turned to various hobbies, especially planting and gardening to combat the rigors of suddenly being stuck at home, with all plans coming to an indefinite halt.

Thus, we can bravely say that “we can start getting into caring for plants, but we need to be determined in following the steps to make these plants thrive.”

With this in mind, here are the easy to follow steps when it comes to caring for indoor plants. As this hobby may have certainly gained popularity during the pandemic, but with its many benefits, it surely is here to stay!

The first thing you need to know before diving into indoor plant care is understanding that there are a variety of different plants that thrive in indoor environments and the first step is researching which plants are right for you.

Madel Dela Cruz Lorenzo, a loving wife and doting mom of three is also one super entrepreneur as owner of Skinfinity Body Spa and the curator and co-owner of the breathtaking oasis, Estancia De Lorenzo ( She is also passionate to have stumbled upon Spotlight Media Magazine and has been following the magazine shortly after she had discovered a passion for gardening and indoor plant care during the pandemic, at the height of the 2020 lockdowns.

“As in anything, you need to be committed. This is a very rewarding hobby, but it presents its own challenges, too. You would first need to determine your space. Ask yourself, how big is my home? How much space am I willing to dedicate for my indoor plants? Once you answer this, then you can easily pick out the right indoor plants for you.”

Madel Dela Cruz Lorenzo, proud mommy to Euna, Euan and Euno knows that each indoor plant has certain qualities and thus require attention differently. “Succulents and cacti need continuous, daily sunlight; plants with foliage on the other hand need roughly 8 hours of light each day and so you really need to carefully research about a particular plant before bringing it home.”

Once you are ready to pick out a specific plant to bring home, Lorenzo states that the first thing she’d look at is a good root system. “This is especially easy when it comes to selecting smaller plants. Choose roots that are thick and light in color.”

For bigger plants, she shares that it would be good to select one with a thick foliage, “the type where it is hard to see through. The more leaves, the more lush and brighter in color, the better.”

Lastly, she shares that indoor plant enthusiasts especially first-timers should check for signs of plant disease or pests. White dots, sticky residues on the leaves and bad odor are the top warning signs to watch for.

When it comes to her top plant favorites, Lorenzo shares “Philodendron is a very nice and common indoor plant that you could get for starters. It is very adaptable to different environments and very hearty; relatively easy to care for. Another popular one is Dracaena which I have a lot of at home. I love its nice, long leaves and it gets you an extra hobby - pruning it because its foliage can get long quickly.”

Lorenzo also passionately adds that succulents are also great, especially for the kids. “They come in little pots and my kids just love them, I just need to make sure that they don’t squish them because they can get carried away for they are usually sitting plushly in their equally cute, tiny pots!” Lorenzo also mentions the beautiful Peace Lily and the Spider plant, but as for her top favorite, it would have to be the one known as “Monstera,” which she has a lot of at home. It is formally known as Monstera Deliciosa and is also referred to as the Swiss cheese plant thanks to its form reminiscent of Swiss cheese indeed. It is a species of flowering plant native to the tropical forest of Southern Mexico and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii, Seychelles, Ascension Islands and now dominating in the USA and Manila.

For newbies and for those who’d want to get into the hobby, Lorenzo encourages them to go for it. “It is very rewarding, and truly, they will bring more life and radiance in your home! Plus, it may be an added responsibility but something that is easy to do with your family, especially your little ones!”

Care for a plant today, and you will certainly feel it return its silent love and care brightening
your homes

By: Marylaine Viernes

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