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Dad, I'm Sorry (Bố già) Vietnams biggest homegrown blockbuster, The number 1 box office hit of all time

A Vietnamese Drama Comedy biggest hit of all time that crushed Specialty Box Offices Grossing at $350 thousands or more over memorial day weekend!

Dad, I'm Sorry (Bố già) Vietnams biggest homegrown blockbuster, The number 1 box office hit of all time

A meddling man makes daily sacrifices to keep his dysfunctional family together. A comedy-family drama directed by comedian and Vietnam television host Trấn Thành and Vũ Ngọc Đãng.

Vietnam's biggest homegrown blockbuster, The #1 box office hit of all time! A comedy-drama follows a well-meaning but bumbling taxi driver as he tries to be a good father to his family.

A instant hit web drama movie that's originally released on YouTube. A Vietnamese comedy-family drama that raised over $350,000 to $380,000 at specialty box offices over Memorial Day Weekend. Running about 101 minutes. It garnered more than 90 million views when it was released on Youtube in early 2020 and was the most viewed in Vietnam. Millions of hits for its five-episode run and more likely to increase its views in the future.

The film about an old motorbike taxi driver SANG from a low-class neighborhood in downtown Saigon, as he struggles to provide and make ends meet for his family. Sang sacrifices day-to-day to preserve the tenuous balance between his bullying siblings and his rising YouTuber son. This film is a fun, freshly endearing, meaningful story about tangled family dynamics.

Bố già Film stars mega Vietnamese actor-comedian Tran Thanh with Tuan Tran, Ngan Chi, NSND Ngoc Giau, Le Giang, Hoang Meo, Lan Phuong, La Thanh, Le Trang, Quoc Khanh, Aquay, Bao Phuc.

Directed by Tran Thanh and Vu Ngoc Dang.
Produced by Tran Thanh Town, Galaxy Studio, HK Film.
US release by 3388 Films.

The Vietnamese-language comedy-drama will average $15-20K per screen. Showing on 20 Screens! Reports say that within the Vietnamese communities that it had strong showings in the Houston Atlanta, Dallas and Southern California markets.

A box office worth 19 million USD. It was previously set for release on Lunar New Year (February 12, 2021), but was postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The film’s distributor, Galaxy Studio announced that it is working with international partners to bring 'Bo Gia' to Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines!

A must watch and now available to watch on YouTube or check the local theatres near you!

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