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By: Vic Perez

Spotlight Media Magazine catches up with Martin and Pops as they give us the scoop on their show and how they find ways to keep the magic alive through the years.



SPOTLIGHT MEDIA MAGAZINE (SMM): What do you think makes your love team endure time and separation? The fans, as they matured, are still happy to see you work together. Tell us how you feel about your fans still patronizing your love team?

MARTIN: What's more amazing than how we as exe’s can still be friends and work together, is how the fans have stayed with us through it all. Yes, some have moved on, but the plentiful amount of our fans who have held on give us reason enough to do what we do together, even if we aren’t together like we used to be. Pops and I were the best of friends before we were anything else, so that foundation, plus Pops willingness to forgive, has kept our sincere magic strong.

POPS: It's the chemistry that somehow, we've always had. I am so happy that our followers are so supportive. They have been socially active as well, as I get to read some of their messages.


SMM : Is it easier to work with each other than before?

MARTIN: Of all those I have joined forces with on stage, and or television, Pops is the easiest. Even though we have not done this in years, it seems like only yesterday that we share a script. Until this day, we both know when the other should talk and sometimes finish each other's sentences. We know when to shine and when to step back to allow the other to shine too.

POPS: It has never been difficult working together. Whether we go through good times or bad, somehow, the magic happens and turns on the minute we get up on stage.


SMM: What comes to your mind on Valentine's Day?

MARTIN: Pops and I, for many years now, have always had Valentine's Night. Even when we were still married, in some of our concert venues, we celebrated Valentine's. So Valentine's, for me, is a reminder of love through songs, but because of these weird times, this will be the first time in history that we won't have a Valentine's concert together or with anyone else.

POPS: It's a typical day for me...unless I have work (laughs).


SMM: Tell us how the eXes and whYs started as a project? What inspired both of you to do this?

MARTIN: For me, just knowing that Pops needed my help for this project and that our firstborn Robin was flying in from Hollywood, California, to direct us was enough motivation for me to do so.

POPS: It started as an idea for YouTube, then the idea grew bigger. When I pitched the show to Martin, he immediately liked the idea. Now with Robin helping us out behind the scenes, it makes it even more special.

SMM: What can fans expect from the both of you in this TV show as co-hosts? Will we see a modern version of Penthouse?

MARTIN: Every time we talk to each other, or other people in the same party, it seems like "Penthouse Live," so I guess interviewing and telling stories is something Pops and I do naturally. And I believe that is what the fans who have stayed love the most. They are brought back to a happier time when we all met every Sunday on Penthouse Live.

POPS: We have matured (compared to our Penthouse days). You can see and hear it from our spiels. We are also used to working individually for the past years now, so it is exciting when Martin throws unexpected lines at me.

SMM: Timing-wise, what drove you two to produce this show during the pandemic?

MARTIN: Our schedules never aligned, and what could have been just a good idea for an online show, turned into content for an actual television show. This is where Pops and I are most comfortable. Our magic is natural and automatic. I don't have this connection with any of my other power collabs -and I have worked with the best.

POPS: It's always been on our minds. The thought of doing another show on the screen. I believe things happen at the right time, and since we still have mostly everyone still staying in their homes, having an added new program in their "to watch every week- list" should be good.


SMM: While concerts are taking a backseat due to the pandemic, what non-showbiz projects, if any, have you ventured into?

MARTIN: Non-show biz projects? Hmmm, Sad to say I have no other talents. As a singer, I need to continue to sing to inspire and comfort people who may be alone and scared during this pandemic. So I do a lot of online charity work and perform for no other reason but companionship with the lost and lonely. I also keep myself busy by recording new songs with Vicor Records and shooting episodes of ASAP.

POPS: I have an online shop of my merchandise: @perfsocial on IG and FB page and @bacolodatbp for food (laughs).

SMM: What thoughts can you share with the people during these dark and trying times?

MARTIN: I think every lesson learned from this pandemic should be wisdom we take with us to the new year and beyond. The most important lesson being is that we need to take care of each other by following the rules and being sensitive enough to stay socially distant and wear a mask. I am confident that we will all hug and smile again, but let's not be afraid to live love and laugh until then. Let's do all of the above carefully and responsibly.

POPS: We should never lose hope and keep our faith. This will pass. In the meantime, let us be grateful to each other and for all the blessings we have.

** For US viewers, eXes and wHys episodes will be posted on the Youtube channel Showboxx Media.

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