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Who is OREEZ?

Brandon Enoex a.k.a OREEZ, a Filipino-American Hip Hop Artist from Monterey California who is signed to Bentley Records

Who is OREEZ?

"Once I find the key, I will share it with the world and set us free from pain."

Spotlight Media Magazine (SMM): For starters, how did you get into making music?

OREEZ: It began with church choir songs and the national anthem as a young boy. Mom would always enter me into these youth singing competitions to go to Disneyland. I never won, but I never really cared at the time. Eventually, I would find myself in the harsh streets of north Las Vegas where violence would, and until this day, still runs rampant. In order to protect myself in that environment, I started battle rapping and recording music in high school in order to gain the respect and admiration of my peers.

SMM: Who influenced your style? And give us your top 5 emcees!

OREEZ: In no specific order: Kxng Crooked, Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, Lil Wayne. I know a lot of people don’t like Wayne and there are many things he and I don’t agree on. Despite him having a morale compass that differs from my own, I’m still drawn to his enigmatic melodies and microphone presence. Fabo has immersive music and is a wonderful story teller that I’ve followed since childhood. Wiz khalifa taught me to smile, be myself and he also showed me that it was okay to genuinely laugh in my music. Nipsey Hussle because to me, he appeared to be so amongst the people that his portrayal almost seemed messianic. Last but not least, Crooked I, Kxng Crooked. His work ethic taught me to put into my craft as much as humanly possible and his penmanship has guided my song structuring since I first began. Whether I meet him or not in this lifetime, he will always be my teacher.

SMM: In the rap community, has being half Filipino given you circumstances where you felt it was harder to be taken seriously as a rapper?

OREEZ: Never. On the contrary, it was fully embraced. I know that it will be my sword and my path to exaltation. I always felt that my filipino brothers and sisters would someday chant my name with pride in their hearts; like they have done for so many great Filipinos of our era.

SMM: Tell us some of your favorite things about your roots in the Filipino culture.

OREEZ: I could say food, but that’s typical. Who doesn’t love Filipino food? I will say, though, that one thing I find interesting about our culture is how superstitious it can be. From the lady in white, to “Manananggal” and many other aswang; Filipino folklore definitely is bizarre.

SMM: Can you speak or understand tagalog? Or any other Filipino dialect?

OREEZ: Unfortunately, my family split up when I was young and my single mother was always at the hospital working. This resulted in me not having any one around to teach me. However, don't talk bad about me in Tagalog to face thinking I won’t understand. I can still pick up on vibes and keywords. Perhaps I should start studying when I have time on my hands.

SMM: What is your long term goal for your music career? How do you want your music to be felt and remembered?

OREEZ: I intend to use music as my gateway into other outlets like graphic design, game design, acting and fashion so that I may eventually own a production studio of my own. I’m hoping to create the safest environment on the planet for artists to create content in peace; Without fear of their lives being in danger or their rights being violated.

SMM: You mentioned that you wanted to do more with your music, and that is to donate portions of your earnings for research funds. Can you elaborate on that for us and explain to us how important that is?

OREEZ: I will be working to donate revenue from my musical royalties to fund end-of-life stage therapy treatment research. Mycologist Paul Stamets once said, “There are two things we are certain of as humans: we live and we die.” I want to help make death feel as beautiful as life has for been me. Once I find the key, I will share it with the world and set us free from pain. If I can’t do it, someone will walk upon the same path and pave it further. Thanks in advance.

SMM: Before we let you go, tell our readers where they can find all your work so that they can follow and support you.

OREEZ: Search “Oreez” on any search engine and on all streaming platforms from Spotify to itunes. Follow me on IG @OreezOfficial and Twitter @o2tharizzle. Go like the Oreez Facebook page, find my videos at and add me on PlayStation Network @o2tharizzle. I’m Oreez, and I’m from Bentley Records.

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