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For the Love of Travel

By: Marylaine Viernes

Another year of reeling from the rigors of the COVID-19 pandemic may spell additional travel restrictions worldwide, but who says that we cannot go on adventure? Now is the best time to take the little ones on a journey they will always treasure! All we need is undivided attention and endless imagination! Here are some of our top “Traveling at Home” Tips

For the Love of Travel


Africa will have to wait. But now is the time for parents to tell their kids what a safari is all about, while letting them experience it right now! To go on this adventure, parents can do the following with their kids:

1. Watch documentaries involving safaris especially the animals to watch for.

2. Create a map of the continents, showing the majestic African continent and its unique qualities. You can even cut them out into puzzle-like pieces that they can put together! This is the best way to teaching them geography and let them travel the world in the comfort of your own home!

3. Have a safari face painting party!
Warning: things can get PURR-retty wild and fun!

4. Hold your own at-home safari and wildlife conservation efforts by caring for the family’s dogs and cats such as giving them a shower, and teaching them how to properly train them, instilling a sense of discipline that both your human and furry children can share!

Explore the Amazon Rainforest!

Okay, even if the pandemic never happened, it is not really wise to travel into the world’s largest tropical rainforest which is also famous for its biodiversity! But we can still go into an Amazonian adventure (minus the piranhas, mosquitoes and deadly critters). You can do the following for this expedition:

1. Teach your kids about new (and even dangerous creatures) starting with the critters below which are mostly endemic to the Amazon Jungle or Amazon River only:

a. Amazonian Giant Centipede, aggressive and venomous critters that can grow to 12 inches long!
b. Black Caiman, the largest in the Alligator family!
c. The Brazilian Wandering Spider, aka the Banana Spider. Move over, tarantulas! These are bigger and their venom can cause paralysis or worse in seconds!
d. Bull shark. Yup, they are not only in the seas, but even in the Amazon River!
e. Piranhas – the kings of the Amazon River until their man-eater notoriety led to illegal trade beyond the Americas!

2. Take them to safe, nearby canyons and state parks for a memorable hike! This way, you can also hunt for spiders, centipedes and many other amazing creatures in the wild. Just don’t forget to maintain a safe distance socially, and from dangerous creatures you may find, such as spiders and rattlesnakes.

3. Plant your own little rainforest! Allow the little ones to pick out the seedlings or seeds and learn about gardening techniques together. Your own flowers and vegetable patches? It may not be the Amazon but it surely is Amazing!

4. Teach them about Meditation as early as now! It is not so complicated; all it really is are breathing techniques that enable one to focus that leads to more productivity! It also helps relieve stress because hey, children get stressed too!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen? You don’t have to travel far for this… just pick a nice and comfy space and breathe in all the goodness today!

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