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Meet Your Royal Hymases

By: Marylaine Viernes

Looking like they walked straight out of a fairy tale or right out of a Hollywood movie, the Hymas bunch certainly personifies #FamilyGoals. An inspiring story of a family brimming with love, delight and excitement. And the best part? They are real people who have overcome everyday obstacles as a family. Oh, and did we mention that theirs is of the most über good-looking family you’ll ever see!

Meet Your Royal Hymases

Tech us to your Love Story

Alexis Aunario Hymas or simply, Lexy, the light of this inspiring home candidly shares their love story. Born and raised in California, Alexis found her forever in Taylor Hymas, born and raised in Washington State. Theirs is a classic boy meets girl in cyberspace, Myspace, to be specific.

“I met my husband, Taylor 15 years ago via Myspace. He was serving in the U.S Army and was then stationed in South Korea. His next duty station was to be at Fort Irwin in California, and so my husband started looking to make friends from California, potentially to show him around.”

From Taylor’s harmless e-vite to connect, the two instantly clicked and became pen pals, and began to talk more often on the phone and through various online means. “It was the first time that we spoke on the phone that the chemistry was instant. Our personalities and values just meshed together, as if we were truly meant to be.”

Alexis, then only 18 while Taylor was 20, recalls the time she picked him up from the airport for their very first meeting. “It was the very first time that I had met him in person… yes, in the airport.” Needless to say, sparks instantly flew, and the rest as they say, was history.

Today, they are both successful in their respective fields. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Science, Alexis is now a registered respiratory therapist while Taylor continues to serve the nation as a police officer. But out of all their life’s achievements, nothing compares to their excellence in parenting! Proud mom and dad to their two beautiful, smart and athletic daughters, Ava, 14 and Jayme, 11, these passed more than just good genes to their two lovely ladies, but also their passion for outdoor sports and life!

“I am happy to share that finally God has answered our prayers. My husband and I had been trying for the past two years to conceive, now that we realize that we could provide another baby the life we couldn’t give the girls when they were little, until now.” And the best part is that the next baby is a boy, adding a different kind of energy to their family.”

Love ever alive, and now a Party of Five!

Alexis affirms that she and her family are more than ready for their baby boy. “Being mom to two tomboy girls, having my son won’t be a major adjustment. We already spend most of our time at pump tracks, skate parks and even dirt bite tracks,” she enthuses.

Indeed, the family lives an enviably active life. Taylor loves to go fishing and boating, while Ava, their eldest, excels in wakeboarding and wake surfing. She has been featured in various newspapers in action. But the testament to Ava’s love for the sport was when she participated in a discussion to speak on behalf of her fellow wake boarding and surfing enthusiasts, opposing a local ban in Canyon Lake. Indeed, Ava is not just growing up to be a beautiful and outgoing young lady, but certainly, she has the courage and wisdom that is far beyond her age.

“That is mainly the reason why we moved to Canyon Lake; to support my daughter’s love for watersports.”

Their other stunning young lady, Jayme on the other hand, excels in her sport of choice, which is motocross. “Jayme really enjoys going to the raceway dirt-biking tracks and she practices jumping her dirt-bike as high as she can. She is competitive and focused, and I am so proud of her. She has her own mind and an impressively strong, determined personality.” Alexis is glad that the dirt-bike track is only a convenient 10-minute drive from their home, allowing her younger daughter to also express her love for the sport as much as she desires.

“As for me, my hobby and passion would be photography. My husband actually supported me when I first embarked in this hobby and he would be my extra eyes during photoshoots.”

When it comes to her husband, whose current hobby is fishing, Lexy laughs, “I am not a big fan of fishing because it gets boring, but I fully support him by still joining him fishing and learning about it with him. He finds joy when I show interest in what he loves to do. He goes through many hobbies. A lot of his hobbies are adrenaline pumping activities. He got me to try snowboarding, wakeboarding, wake surfing, dirt biking, etc. He brings me outside of my comfort zone and realize the potential I’ve been holding back on.”

Ah, their little bundle of joy, their baby boy is sure in for a pleasant surprise, being born into such an active and adventurous family!

15 years strong and counting!

After getting married at a young age and having their daughter, Ava, when Alexis was only 19 years old, she has grown to be not just an admirable mother but also as a wife. Fifteen years of marriage is no small feat, and Taylor and Alexis Hymas are only getting started on the road to forever!

When it comes to her top tips on how to keep the love and excitement alive, Alexis shares, “This one sounds cliche, but I’d say to always date your spouse. Life gets busy with the children and work, but always find time to get alone time together and date. Also do spontaneous things together. Try new things with your spouse.” An avid believer in investing in your spouse’s interests, she also encourages supporting one another, even if you may not be interested at first, “Join them on things they like to do, you may end up liking it too. In the end they just want your company while doing what they love to do.”

And her last and most important advice? “Serve your family. Do not ask what they can do for me, but what you can do for them. The way to figure this out is knowing their love language. My husband's love language is acts of service, and quality time and mine is words of affirmation, and acts of service.”

And when it comes to her children, Alexis shares, “I bond with the girls catered to their personalities. With Ava we enjoy shopping together and talking about her social life. Ava is my little best friend. She grew up with me since you know that I had her at only 19 years old. She adapted to life with me, learning and growing together. And as for Jayme? Wow, Jayme has been my baby for the past 11 years. She hates shopping. She enjoys cuddling and being the youngest. We bond by taking her to do her favorite things like going to the bicycle pump tracks and skate parks. Jayme also loves family game nights.”

Alexis also proudly shares about her open-door policy with her girls, to make them comfortable to come and talk to her about anything and everything. “I developed a friendship with them while having them understand there are still rules and I am still their mother.”

She also adds, “It's easier to balance my career and passion for photography now that the girls are older. I had the blessing to be home with them while they were babies. I finished school and started working when my current youngest was in Kindergarten. Although balancing school and taking care of the family was very difficult. I was overwhelmed and had very little time for myself. It was all worth it in the end. While working in the hospital, I have the flexibility to choose my schedule. I try my best to schedule myself only on days they have school, so that on their days off we have family time.”

And finally, for the baby that they had long prayed for, she can say that she and her husband are just so excited to have a little boy to teach all the new adventures they’ve learned to. “With this pregnancy I’m trying to stay healthy as much as possible. I don’t have many cravings for sweets as I’ve always been a healthy eater. That may change in my last trimester. I’m drinking tons of water and my husband encourages me to go on walks. However, I have sciatica pain on my right side, so I try my best. We are all preparing the best way we can for him.”

Every day is Mothers’ Day

An exceptional woman in all aspects indeed, Alexis credit that it is Motherhood that is the core of her being. She only has praises for how it has changed her in so many ways. “It has taught me patience and make decisions not just for myself but in whole for my family. Being a mother is all I know as an adult, starting motherhood at 19, so I matured quickly. I learned responsibility, how to be a teacher of life and how to be a friend to my children.”

She also adds that her biggest obstacle probably would be that she had to grow up with her two children. “We weren’t able to provide the girls with much when they were younger, but they appreciated the little blessings we did provide. We are grateful that now they are living a fruitful childhood and my two girls truly value what they have more than ever because of the growth they witnessed together as a family. I never felt like I missed out on my youth, I feel like my children keep me young and I was meant to live this path how God intended it to be for me.”

They have truly come a long way, and the love that they share continues to inspire those who are blessed to know them. In spite of all the trials she has encountered, Alexis continues to be the one who holds her family together, knowing also that the best is yet to come. This is also what she teaches her children whenever they are faced with setbacks and frustration. “Your current situation is not your destination. Keep thriving to be better because God’s plans for you are greater than your expectations.”

Finally, here is what the beautiful Alexis Hymas has to say to her dearest ones:

“To my beautiful family, you all make me who I am today. You give me purpose to be the best version of myself. Everything that I am, and all that I do is for you. I love serving you and having my own little tribe I call family. I thank God every single day for providing me with such blessings that you all are… and to my unborn son, I cannot wait to hold you soon. I know that you are going to grow to become an amazing person! I already know that I will be proud of the person that you will become…”


Thank you, Alexis, and to the rest of your beautiful Hymas family for letting us shine the spotlight on you which your family truly deserves! Keep doing what you do because you inspire us all with your enduring and inspiring story!

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