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Muyie and Frances

By: Marylaine Viernes

Sharing a Life Radiant with Success, Joy, and Love

Muyie and Frances

Muyie Cuento and Frances Calayan-Cuento are hands-on when managing their business and tending to their growing clientele.

"My husband, Muyie and I do the treatment ourselves. This does not only make our services the most affordable in the United States and even in the Philippines, but it also makes every client VIP every time they visit us."

Muyie and Frances are not just savvy business persons and medical professionals. What makes them stand out is the heart they have for every individual who walks in reluctant and comes out confident in Radiant Beauty Skin Care Med Spa, and most of all, in their skin.

Of Degrees and Pedigrees

Many Filipino-Americans find the name Calayan synonymous with longstanding excellence in skincare and aesthetics. Ms. Frances Calayan-Cuento, N.P. is beautiful and statuesque but not in an intimidating way; she's someone you can easily find yourself comfortable with. Many would be surprised upon learning that she is a Calayan, with her soft- spoken, unassuming, and humble demeanor. She'd talk to you about their services, especially their top- selling and most in-demand ones, the nonsurgical facelift procedures known as Ultherapy and Thermage.

"My grandparents are doctors. From my dad's side, Calayan, almost everybody are doctors. His siblings are doctors. My cousins are doctors too. I have two dermatologist cousins in the Philippines and are both Philippine dermatological society fellows and were both PDS Board Exam top notchers. Even my dad's siblings' spouses are doctors, so finding myself in this field came naturally."

Frances graduated Cum Laude from the California State University Fullerton with a Nursing degree and then obtained her Master of Science in Nursing from the Azusa Pacific University. She is a Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner with extensive training in aesthetics, equipped with the necessary credentials and experience.

"But I wouldn't have made it if not for my husband." Frances quips, as she coyly shares how she thought that she would never get married until she met her beloved husband and business partner, Muyie Cuento, who had long since proven himself worthy until the Calayan bailiwick of beauty and business.

Mariel "Muyie" Cuento, R.N. graduated from the Far Eastern University in Manila with a Bachelors degree in Nursing. He also holds a Master of Science in Adult-Gerontology after finishing the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Walden University with flying colors.

Deeply committed to each other and to excellence, this husband and wife tandem is a force to be reckoned with in such a competitive arena which they continue to dominate. Asking Frances and Muyie how they remain so grounded amid their impressive credentials, pedigrees, and of course their business success, Frances humbly laughs and states that perhaps it was because they've been so blessed that they don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. But speaking more about blessings, she states that there has been no more incredible blessing in their life until their beloved son, Miguel Franco, or simply, "Maco," came into their lives. "I just have no words for it, how Maco has changed our lives." He's become the reason why we wake up rejoicing each day; that even if we have become so blessed materially through our business; still, no gift compares to him and the joy and meaning he brings into our lives every single day."

When asked what wisdom she'd like to impart to fellow Asian-Americans still struggling in pursuit of their happiness, Frances' eyes brighten up and ecstatically declares, "there is nothing more powerful than the mind! I've seen the power of your will; that whatever you set your mind to - you can certainly achieve!"

Taken from the loving heart of an accomplished and wise woman, give yourselves the unique gift in taking control of your life this season! Choose to manifest the destiny only you can attain. Beauty, just like happiness, is a choice. And choose to be Radiant!

Trust Radiant Beauty Skincare and Med Spa to help you look your best as you achieve the best version of yourself! Book an appointment today because you deserve it! E-mail them at or call 1-888-657-3636. Visit

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