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Top 3 fun, simple and effective EXERCISES you can do at home

Our top tips to stay in top shape without leaving the comfort of home!

Top 3 fun, simple and effective EXERCISES you can do at home

Now, more than ever, espousing measures to boost the immune system is vital. Exercise remains the top means of helping the body naturally fight against infections, especially COVID-19.

But how exactly can one continue an active lifestyle and regular exercise routine in the time when the world still struggles to recover from the unprecedented era brought about by a pandemic?

Here are our top tips to stay in top shape without leaving the comfort of home!

1. Planks versus Zombies…

This is the best way to make yourself feel like you are coming alive! Fight the zombie-mode days brought about by the pandemic, with the plank, which is the simplest exercise anyone can do, and the best core workout you can do essentially anywhere! It may seem simple; it can be tricky and hard but it’s definitely worth it! Plus, it helps with improving balance!

All you need to do is find a comfortable place and then start in a push-up position on your toes, back and legs forming a straight line all the way up to your shoulders (literally, turning yourself into a plank). Tighten your abs and glutes, starting with 30 seconds and as you grow stronger, add 1-15 seconds to the time you hold the plank for each day, until you can hold as much as 3 minutes, which is said to be the most ideal. Don’t forget to rest for about 15-20 seconds in between and strive for 10-15 reps a day.

2. Don’t skip meals… Skip Rope!!!

Bring out the kid within you, and if you have kids let them tag along, or rather, skip along! Skip rope or jump rope is not just a fun way of losing those calories (in fact it’s equivalent to jogging and sprinting, depending on how many reps you take) and it is also a popular warm up for more strenuous sports or even combative ones such as boxing and martial arts.

All you need is to grab a rope next time you go shopping, make sure that it’s not too long, adjust it according to your height, and we recommend for you to step in the middle of the rope with one foot and then pull both ends or handles up along the side of the body so that it is straight and taut. Ideally, the handles should reach the shoulder for beginners, so adjust it accordingly.

This improves balance, focus, coordination and more! Start with 30 skips, progressing to double, and so forth. Soon, you might find your way to a thousand skips a day, like the People’s Champ Manny Pacquaio who used to do a minimum 5,000 skip rope jumps a day!

And did we mention the best part? It helps you boost your metabolism too, now you don’t have to skip meals, just help your body naturally enhance its metabolism so that you can enjoy a complete meal along with a sweet treat without feeling guilty!

3. Stair things up or simply Step up!

We’d recommend jogging up and down your staircase, for a minimum of 20-20 reps (ascents and descents) but for those who don’t have stairs at home, surely you have one step, be it at the sidewalk or your handy-dandy stool.

It’s so easy! All you need to do is alternate one foot up, and the other balancing down, and then reach a steady rhythm until you’ve done 50 reps, and then rest for about 10-15 seconds. Do this at least 3 times for the first week until you can progress to more reps. Soon, you’ll find yourself fit and firm in no time!


We recommend all of the above three simple, low-risk exercises that you can do at home especially when you are binging on movies on your favorite streaming service! Be more fit, boost your immune system and your body will thank you! Don’t forget to stretch before you begin any routing, and then cool down by doing the same stretches and adding more basic massage strokes to the areas most affected such as the arms, legs and core. If you are unsure if you are able to perform the exercises above, consult with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

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