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FOREVER (20)21

Let our very own Founder & Publisher, Ms. M. show you how as she dazzles in the hottest forecasted looks of this bright and promising year!


If 2020 was the year the world will never forget, then make 2021 the year we will always remember as we take the forecasted fashion trends and threads on to new heights. Now is the Time not just to rebound, but also to Astound.


Girl Boss in the ultimate Girl Color. Why not? Topping the list of both high-end designer fashion houses, mid-level couture lines in department stores and even online stores are suits in different hues of pink...

Ms. M’s tips:

“Gone are the days when pink was finicky, when it was said to only suit a certain demographic. Back then, people thought that it was only for little girls, and that it is not something suitable when you mean business, with how today’s designers have cleverly put a twist to this favorite by applying it in serious couture that commands both attention and respect. At the end of the day, the use of this color denotes a woman in power; someone who knows her game, takes it seriously while also knowing how to have fun!”

I suggest the following when owning this trend:

1. Choose a tone of pink that will suit your skin tone. By this, I would say that you should stick to lighter pink shades until you become comfortable with the color. Don’t jump right away to bright, neon tones until you’re confident enough that you can own it.

2. Be confident. Times are a-changing and so should you. Fashion is also all about how you carry yourself, and so if you decide to go with a pink-tastic look for the day, make sure to feel good about yourself too because if you end up feeling timid about it, then it defeats the purpose. Pick out the pink-dominated look that suits you and dominate your day!

3. THINK PINK. This is my most important advice – the color pink is so provocative, because it is all about an empowered femininity. When you don this particular-colored suit, make sure that you got the rest covered, because whatever is within will definitely show.


No need to be looking over your shoulder, because everyone will be looking on your shoulder with another hot 2021 trend, statement shoulder sleeves: dramatically puffy, large and eye-catching, you can be queen of the everyday runway if you wear this trend the right way!

Ms. M’s tips:

“A fun, fashionable way to hide the holiday weight as your work your way to a slimmer You this year, this trend has really taken so many forms, and it’s great for everyday wear! It is Art in itself and it commands the right kind of attention. I just love how this look lets you be formal and playful at the same time!”

I suggest the following when owning this trend:

1. The point of focus is on the shoulders, but it doesn’t mean that you can just choose any shabby bottom to go with it. It has to jive with your jeans, slacks or skirt. Choose a hue and a cut for your bottom that will not battle with the drama, but instead enhance it.

2. Sure, the dramatic form is the whole point, make sure that you still consider symmetry; if you don’t have wide shoulders, choose a more tame, less puffy sleeve, otherwise your head will look funny, and you don’t want to look like you’re in a Shakespearian play!

3. If you intend to use a coat, then save this look for another day. This trend is meant to stand out on its own, so if you will hide it inside a coat or jacket then there is no point to it. Plus, it will create a weird hump inside your jacket or coat, so use this look when you can wear it without an outerwear.


Another ultra-feminine theme blooms this year! Floral prints are all the rage these days: from neon-colored tulips, to sunny yellows and shy pinkish blossoms, the flower motifs show no sign of wilting away!

Ms. M’s tips:

“I absolutely love this trend because it’s something that I feel never goes out of style; it just keeps getting reinvented. Another great thing about it is that no matter what age, you can rock a floral motif look. In fact, it doesn’t just go beyond the boundary of age, but even of gender because this is something even the gentlemen can get away with. I would love to see my husband and sons in the right kind of floral ensemble; it is a look that can be both charming and refreshing.”

I suggest the following when owning this trend:

1. For starters go with more neutral floral prints. Don’t go neon blinding bright until you are comfortable with this look. Give yourself time to blossom when it comes to flowery prints.

2. While this is a timeless look, it can also lead one to be outdated or even tacky. Make sure that the floral prints make you look smart and not like one that you’d wear inside the house. Remember there is a fine line between floral nightgowns or dusters and smart floral prints on suits or sleek, elegant dresses. Be crisp, smart and sleep in floral. Don’t look like you’re about to go to bed.

3. Be wary of overdoing it. If you’re wearing a heavily printed floral dress, make sure that you tone down everything else like your bag, shoes and accessories.



Sweat suits have come a long way not just as a fashion trend but even as a symbol of affluence. Matching track suits will continue to dominate the second quarter of 2021 especially as the winter season comes to an end and come summertime, this look will soar to new heights! Especially with how rapidly the world is changing, suits are the way to go, enabling one to comfortably go from the office to a grocery run and even some family fun.

Ms. M’s tips:

“This is a favorite of mine because they’re so easy to wear! It does not take much effort plus it is so comfortable! Both men and women can seize their days in fashionable track suits. Plus, this ensemble gives me the chance to put my sporty sneakers or trainers and use my edgy handbags. A standout look that is as timely as it is trendy!”

I suggest the following when owning this trend:

1. Don’t be lazy. Sure, it is the safe pick when you’re not in the mood to put the usual effort, but don’t go out in mismatched, unkempt sweats. Stay sleek and savvy as you rock this look.

2. Match your hairstyle and accessories with this look. Since it gives an athletic vibe, go for footwear and accessories that will go with it; what makes it special is that it is functionable fashion, so don’t go donning killer stilettos if you’re going out for errands in your tracksuit, otherwise it would only defeat (or de-feet) the purpose.

3. Remember that it is a very easy, breezy look that usually comes in two separate pieces, so if you are mixing and matching, make sure they jive.

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