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Fashion Inspiration from Miss M


With worldwide stay-at-home, self-quarantine and social distancing orders, on top of massive shutdowns of various social establishments, it’s easy to let oneself go. In fact, it’s been a trend even with popular celebrities and fashion icons to go au naturelle from makeup to fashion.
But even if it’s easy to lose your mind and ultimately, your style in these unprecedented times, we encourage you to stay strong and not let yourself hop aboard the apathy trend. We’ve listed ways on how to stay fashionable each day, because we know how vital it is to continue to care not just for our health and well-being, but also with how we look, as this certainly affects how we feel toward ourselves.

Here are three simple fashion hacks from your favorite socialite and more, Ms. Pen De Leon-Manahan on how to be Quarantine-fabulous! All you need to remember is be like P.E.N…

Practical – these days, you can still be en vogue by sticking to the basics – clean, crisp lines and earthy, not-too-flashy, natural tones. If it’s a Zoom meeting in the comfort of your own home, grab something comfortable yet still formal. Pen spices up her simple, oh-so-comfy maxi dress and white sneakers with a gray blazer that screams woman boss while still in tune with the laid-back fashion of the #newnormal.

Embellish – sure, while those killer stilettos and ultra-flashy party gowns and shimmery dresses might have to wait in our closets along with the rest of the world eagerly anticipating a cure or a vaccine, it’s always a great idea to accessorize! Simple, fast and fun, your best bet would be a playful brooch or a statement necklace that stands out in a simple dress, a fabulous designer or statement bag that goes with your outfit, and of course, personal protective gear, be it a mask or a face shield that jives with your overall aura! Discover the personal pandemic within you and have fun while accessorizing!

Natural – just be you! Cater to your mood; if you feel like going bright or prefer a business-like or formal look, always remember that fashion is where your heart is! Don’t think that nobody cares anymore, and no one is dolling up these days anyway; take a more proactive approach when it comes to your daily sartorial choices because you will never know who you will inspire today! And last but not the least, always complete your look with a smile, for this will certainly brighten yours and someone else’s day.

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