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Très chic - Parisienne Fashion in the summertime

By: Lucy Bergqvist

The change of fashion trends is unavoidable effect of the pandemic. It is reflected on what we wear, how we are and our personal taste.


Comfortable and quality clothing w/c are simple to match are the base. Wardrobes that are easy to immerse quickly in the work from home mood while remaining mentally connected to be “a jour” ( up to date, always ready) even in doing daily chores. One has to find ways to uplift oneself to avoid being bored during lockdown.

Fashion week/shows in France has now adapted to digital when they present their collections. The popular “IT” brands w/c are immortal e.g. Chanel,YSL,Hermes,Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, Tom Ford, Celine, Valentino continues to be the leader of the pack while other brands are being copied worldwide, many newcomers have taken the honorary lead. Like for e.g ACNE, Minju Kim, Supriya Lele,Little Liffner,Therese Zetterberg to name a few.

Spring is a time of awakening. Fashion colors is also inspired by its rebirth and renewal. So we can see soothing skyblue, green, illuminating yellow, tangeringe, cherry hot red, sexy baby pink,butter cream and white orchid during catwalks. Lots of pastel and bright, deep colors in this springtime/summer collection. The shades are call for optimism,hope and strength. It is to give the difficult period positivity, offering or a “push” to restart, renew and empower ourselves.

Yellow amplifies sunshine, Orchid white to to evoke feelings of freshness, red for love, passion and energy, Pink for tenderness, feminity, Orange for wisdom and ambition, soft blue for loyalty and peace.

The pandemic is a great unifier in a sense. It has made us more socially aware & has increased our desire to contribute to the greater good, helping others in need/suffering and being mindful of the environmental impact of the goods we purchase. This is the “real” fashion.

One doesn´t need to be “hip” or popular just because you wear expensive, branded clothing all the time. The most important is “ being you”, do whatever you feel, want and stay happy. Being oneself is a style.

I myself, loves to wear wide leg trousers w/c I combine w/ my tailored suits/ blazers, Slim fit or cigarette pants are NO! NO!. And even the leggings are out. Just cannot imagine a lady walking around w/ those tights as if she is trying to take a leap like a ballet dancer in the middle of the road. I wear relaxed fit high waisted wide leg pants, match it w/crispy cotton shirts. I also love the idea of linen dress in pastel colors, eye catching bags and hats w/c makes the “IT” elegance. The shoes set up the tone and attitude, as one designer quotes” they change the perception of the way one wears clothes,what we call in France “le porte´. It is not about the length, but the juxtaposition or “decalage” of the shoes- high or low- with the rest of the proportion”.

Try to see the value in investing in good quality, timeless pieces that makes up a classic & sustainable look. Shop w/ purpose & choose brands w/c are planet friendly, charitable & timeless designs. Combine vintage and contemporary. Eco and recycled for a unique style with glam is also a must.

Always remember, dress up for yourself and feel that it is one of the best day of your life!

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