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Win The Winter Fashion Scene

Come what may, fashion is always in season!


From the recently unveiled designer collections down to your closets, below are the top 3 winter trends today, and also tips from Ms. M on how you can recreate it and you conquer the winter runway!


On the runway: Suit sets in monochromatic shades lead the latest luxury fashion brands in the world.
The most popular are oversized pants in café au lait shades and a pop of color underneath.

The Ms. M way: Due to the pandemic, the world more or less got toned down, but it’s in that simplicity that you find elegance! I suggest going for dark inner wear to contrast with monochromatic suits. Pair your suit with boots and accessories that match the innerwear.


On the runway:
Every day, we see so many celebrities posting their wintertime OOTDs donning signature monogram prints in their jackets and trench coats! Elegance nowadays translate to practicality, unless of course you’re a celebrity.

The Ms. M way:
Nowadays, practicality and sensitivity are in vogue. With the rest of the world still combating the effects of the pandemic not just physically but also emotionally and financially, even if you could afford it, it would be very smart to still carry on with the trend of having your favorite fashion labels on your outfits in a more discreet manner, such as going for coats with smaller inscriptions and of course, just opting to have them on your accessories and not all around the ensemble that you are wearing.

As for me, I like to share about my favorite high fashion brands now mostly on my masks, shoes or my bags just to accentuate my look. As an alternative, you can still go with bold prints reminiscent of high fashion, prints that you know are by your favorite designers, but only pick one aspect of your ensemble; it can be just a sweater, like below.


On the runway:
Shirts, knickers and leggings under sweaters and pants topped with scarves underneath the coat, it’s layers and layers of pure fashion fun and while your favorite luxe fashion houses have their own renditions every year, they only serve as style inspiration, and in this scene, the runway is really yours.

Miss M:
Layering is something that’s always in trend especially during the winter season. Even if layering is something fun and easy for everyone, my suggestion is to not go overboard. First thing is to maintain size and texture that fits your frame. If you’re on the petite side of course it would not be wise to go with baggy pants and huge trench coats even if they’re on trend because it would highlight your height instead of boosting your assets. Secondly, color coordination remains king; it’s always wise to stick to earth tones with a pop of color, but if you really want to go big and bright, I suggest do it with a maximum of 2 different colors. Lastly, don’t take your head and footwear for granted, it’s part of the layering technique, so make sure the style fixtures at your extremities complement your overall sartorial vibe.

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