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A red collection of ROCKY GATHERCOLE


Avant Garde and fashion design maverick, Rocky Gathercole is known for his outrageous sculptured art wear, which is not foreign to accolades from the world's entertainment and fashion industries. After all, his lineup of Hollywood clients such as Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, J Lo and a host of many more celebrities are enough to speak of his high caliber work.
Discovered by agent, and currently managed by, Jacob Meir at a New York fashion parade, Rocky Gathercole continued to make waves in Hollywood with his astonishing work.

Mr. Gathercole is Filipino and raised by his American father and Filipina mother. He had a very humble upbringing as he used to live in the streets abd would sell food to make money as a teenager. When it comes to his fashionable talents, he is a self-taught designer without formal fashion education. His parents were not able afford to send him to school, so he sustained and survived by plying the streets of Manila. "My inspiration for my work is based on the textures, colors, and beauty of what I see which gives me creative freedom. Independent women and strong men with daring personality fuel my design," he declares.

With the help and mentoring of a friend, he held a stunning career in Dubai through the years." I had to pretend that I was a Fine Arts graduate in order to be accepted and taken seriously." While in Dubai, Rocky joined the Miami Fashion Week and received exceptional reviews which opened the opportunity for him to join the New York Fashion Week. In New York, he met his manager and that paved the way towards an illustrious career in the world of fashion.

Rocky Gathercole presents his thoughts in the season of love and says, "Love is everywhere. Let us share that to everyone. For this pandemic, I urge all to pray and stay strong. Everything that is happening now will lead us to more positive results."

Rocky showcases GUERRA DE ROSAS (War of Roses) to readers of Spotlight Media Magazine.
A very Gathercole collection.

Photography by Roj Miguel. Make up by Naploeon Candelaria. Shoes by Jojo Bragais. Model is Vivian Gischewski Monteiro.

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