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Spoken like a True [Lockdown] Hero

They say that adversity only brings out one’s true identity. Not about to get knocked down by the pandemic lockdown, video game developer, 3D animator and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jergs Correa achieves victory in a time of difficulty.

Spoken like a True [Lockdown] Hero

What separates heroes from ordinary mortals? For me, it would be the uncanny ability of a man to see what most do not, and to take advantage of disheartening adversity and triumphing against the odds. Where most whine and even decry the year 2020, Jergs Correa proved that he was no mere mortal, but a tech god, catapulting himself to groundbreaking history achieved in 2020 with Lockdown Hero.

Embracing the times, Lockdown Hero is an open-world adventure game where the player’s goal is to find a cure for the virus, and ultimately save the world from the pandemic. Set in 3rd person mode it has various gameplay for its open-world environment; like roaming the big city to do quests from the residents, scouring around for hidden prized items such as masks for protection, and even alcohol as a weapon! It is quirky, cute and so timely! It also boasts of map activities to unlock new gear for character customization and added fun.

Players can also embark on ball games, gliding, driving and other mini game adventures that will surely get players of all ages hooked! Jergs even injects humor by alluding to pandemic frenzy quirks such as hoarding toilet paper!

One would be amazed to find that one-man show, Jergs Correa, the visionary behind Brick Greek Games, runs the show that has since gone viral. Correa shares that instead of letting the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic get him down, he switched gears and worked nonstop on this game. It was a wild idea that made sense to him, sharing, “I ran with the Lockdown concept since it was going to be a very timely and unique game.” After 5 sleepless weeks, Lockdown Hero was born. It was unveiled on April 12, 2020. Now we can all turn our minds away from COVID, thanks to this Cool Vid (Game)!

More than just being a tech hero, Correa also owns a lucrative burger concept in an upscale mall in Manila, Philippines known as Brick Burger, now known as the coolest place, to hang out, build models using bricks, and most of all enjoy food that tastes as good as it looks, with the buns fashioned after colorful bricks! He is also is an awesome husband and dad! “I may be a one-man show as a developer, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get any help; I am surrounded by inspiration, especially thanks to my daughter. She is now 10 years old and she was my QA game tester, and she also did some of the voice-overs!” This proved to be effective to the game’s success, as his smart and talented daughter helped him capture what would appeal to their broad target market. It was also their way to bond and for Jergs to instill in his daughter a profound love and appreciation for technology, and all its benefits. But that’s not all; Jergs is also developing an online RPG game that he will share with the world very soon!

Brilliant, creative and tenacious, Jergs Correa would like to remind everyone, especially as we all continue to navigate the aftermath of this pandemic that now is the time to reach for your dreams and make things happen, “Anything is possible. If someone like me can make a game all by myself, like most of the successful indie game developers out there, then you can do it too. Just remember to enjoy the journey. Use every milestone of success as a source of motivation and inspiration.”

We invite you and everyone in your family to bring out the hero in each of you today! It is beautifully and mindfully designed, even its background music is wholesome and safe especially for young (but already tech-savvy) children to enjoy!

Lockdown Hero is available for download in the Google Play Store and it is also listed on Steam:

You can also follow Brick Geek Games on their Facebook page at

Lastly, don’t forget to watch the cute and exciting trailer on YouTube by subscribing to their official channel, Brick Geek Games and watching it at:

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