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As the world is rapidly changing, the technology in our automobiles follow suit.


As the world is rapidly changing, the technology in our automobiles follow suit. Global warming has become an increasingly important subject, and many argue that our own personal vehicles are a huge contributing factor to the damaging effects of our environmental changes. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has gone as far as signing an order in which only electric vehicles may be bought at dealerships within 30 years. Granted, you may still own a gas-powered car in California after the order goes into effect, but only if you buy it used.

Many purists despise the fact that many auto brands are adopting the EV (electric vehicle) platform. They are worried the sheer driving experience will be a thing of the past, as the near dead silence of an EV vehicle does not compare to a roaring engine. If the sound of an engine and connected feel to a vehicle isn’t all important to you, then maybe the technology an EV has to offer may entice you.

Tesla is one of the biggest EV producers in the market right now. It has become a hot commodity in the car industry as it is considered to be the definition of a luxury EV. Their technology does not come short, as every single car runs on an iPad tablet-like infotainment center, aside from its electric powered motor of course. From there, you can control practically anything the car has to offer. The most impressive feature a Tesla car has to offer, in our opinion, would have to be its self-driving autopilot capability. Once thought to be a very futuristic feature that we wouldn’t be able to see in our lifetime, Tesla has accomplished that feat and successfully introduced it to the general public. On top of that, Tesla vehicles may even be dubbed the smart cars as it can predict a potential car accident, which will assist you out of a dangerous situation. There are many videos online showcasing how the accident-avoidance system has saved not only the drivers lives, but also ensured the safety of others around them. Tesla has changed the image of what an EV should be.

Once thought to be uncool and unappealing, the styling of a Tesla exemplifies luxury and class. A far cry from the Toyota Prius. But, what about sports cars enthusiasts? Will the thrill a gas-powered car brought them become obsolete? That’s debatable. Tesla has introduced the, yet to be released, Roadster. The answer to an all-electric sports car. Despite packing a modest 288 horsepower, the Roadster can reach a high speed of 250 miles per hour and reach 0-60 in an astonishing 1.9 seconds. Those stats alone should be enough to garner interest from a car enthusiast. On top of that, it has a range estimated to go 620 miles on a single charge. To us, that sounds, elec-terrific.

It may sound that the only choice you have for an exceptionally worthy EV comes from Tesla. While that may be true at the time of this writing, there are many up and coming brands that look to challenge the EV giant. Enter Nikola. While they’ve only introduced one vehicle to the market, they have yet to even produce it. However, their first entry into the EV market is no slouch by any means. The Badger is an electric super truck with very impressive numbers to match its unique and appealing styling. This super truck can have up to 906 horsepower and up to 980 ft pounds of torque, making it a real contender to the likes of GMC’s Hummer EV and Tesla’s radically designed Cybertruck. Nikola’s super truck is expected to begin production in 2022, which means we are still a little while away from seeing it on the road.

The future of electric vehicles is bright. Whether you are on board with these vehicles or not, the EV is here to stay. The likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, and even Jaguar, (to name a few), are beginning to dive into the electric powered car market with their own iterations. Although the electric vehicles seem to have been around for a while, we have only seen the beginning of it. As technology progresses, you can count on these EV’s to progress with it. The possibilities of what technology and vehicles can accomplish are endless, and it’s only a matter of time until we see full electric supercars make a splash in the market. With Audi gearing up to reveal their new E Tron GT electric sports car, we can’t contain our excitement to see what Audi brings to the electric powered car industry.

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