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Fast forward to present time, transportation has evolved tremendously using technology and ingenious engineering.


Since the early days of transportation, people were always drawn to the idea of how far we can go. The invention of the car changed the world, and people were now able to travel longer distances in a short period of time. Transportation has come a long way from where it had begun, and it only became more innovative as time went on.

Fast forward to present time, transportation has evolved tremendously using technology and ingenious engineering. Air conditioning, bluetooth radio, GPS, and advanced safety features all come standard in today's vehicles. Features once thought to be part of a futuristic fancy is now a reality, except for flying cars (which has yet to happen, of course). Vehicles now come in different forms catering to the person's everyday needs, whether it be for daily driving, work, or leisure, there is a car out there for everyone.

If you have expensive taste, lavish luxury vehicles are made for people who desire the finer things in life. These costly vehicles are often used as a status symbol. What better way to let others know of your success than having an expensive car to ride around in! Luxury vehicles are often perceived as cars for those who are sophisticated, and while that may be true, nothing screams ultimate success like owning a supercar. You've heard of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Maserati, and Infinity. Granted, those are all great car manufacturers who are very well respected in the high-end car division. However, when you hear names such as Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren, and Ferrari, to name a few, nothing but pure excitement comes to mind. The dream of owning a supercar or hypercar is everyone's goal, even if they aren't huge fans of cars. We at Spotlight Media Entertainment love cars for what they are and how they make us feel. That rush you feel when it's just you and the open road. There's nothing quite like it. Below, we've written about some of our favorite cars in hopes that we can pass on our passion for cars to you.

Porsche. If you pronounce it wrong, the salesmen at the Porsche dealerships will correct you. Yes, the pronunciation of their brand is important to them as it represents a heritage that carries on its supreme lineage up until this day. So, how do you pronounce it correctly? Sound it out with us: PORSH-UHH. There, you've got it! Porsche creates some of the finest luxury vehicles available in the market today. But their most exciting cars? Well, that comes from their infamous 911 model line. A superb platform that has stood the test of racing standards, while further pushing the envelope on what the perfect track car must be. The 911 comes in a few different models. From the base model coupe, all the way to the holy grail of them all: the ultimate track spec GT2RS. While that may be the ultimate 911, the GT3 is a fan-favorite. Although it is certainly not near the capabilities and performance of the GT2RS, many will tell you that the GT3 may be all that you really need. The race models aren't more of your style? That's okay, because Porsche offers many different selections, like another favorite of ours: the Panamera. Packed with performance and luxury, it may just be the best middle-ground model between luxury and performance you can buy from Porsche.

Land Rover creates some of the most luxurious SUV's, and it all comes with a pretty hefty price tag- depending on which model you are looking for, of course. These SUV's are off-road capable because that's where the history of Land Rover began. The first ever model was similar in looks compared to the jeep, a far cry from its now sophisticated appearance. Their Range Rover is a popular model in their fleet, with the SVR and Autobiography model being at the top of the Range Rover model line. We love our Autobiography as it exemplifies class and shows its style when you open the doors and set your eyes on its lavish red interior.

Fun-fact: Lamborghini is an alternative way to spell supercar. Well, obviously not, but when you think supercar you immediately think of Lamborghini! The brand name speaks for itself. The founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, began making his own line of vehicles after a small argument with Enzo Ferrari sparked a fire within him to create the "perfect car". Thus igniting a rivalry between the two companies as Lamborghini became a real contender for Ferrari. Originally, Ferrucio Lamborghini was a fan of Ferrari and even owned two of their cars. However, if it wasn't for that small heated exchange, Lamborghini probably would not be where it is today: creating some of the most exciting supercars known to man. While some of the more older iconic models are sought after, the Huracan introduced in 2014 became an instant favorite delivering Lamborghini's signature sharp styling while also pushing their performance further. While there are higher tier level cars Lamborghini has to offer, the Huracan is nothing short of exceptional.

When you think of Audi, you may think of its heritage in rally sports with their 4-wheel drive rally car: the Quattro. You would never think that they would be a supercar manufacturer, that is of course until they introduced the R8. Dubbed the Iron Man car because of its many appearances in the Iron Man movies, it quickly became one of the cars a car enthusiast had to have. It's sleek styling and incredible performance was unlike anything anyone has ever seen from Audi. It exceeded many expectations and was dubbed the best supercar you can buy especially considering its price compared to the bigger supercar brands. The R8 is dubbed the baby bull because it is packing a naturally aspirated V10 engine that shares its platform from the Lamborghini Huracan. The sound of the V10 screaming as you push its performance capabilities is literally music to your ears.

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